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CUCC Method

About CUCC

CUCC is a 4th generation allround coaching methodology developed in-house by Humility Enterprises.
The CUCC Method is a unique synthesis of project management models & innovative social psychology principles.
CUCC is characterized by flexibility, thoroughness, depth and speed-of-implementation.
The four pillars of the CUCC Method are 1) Competence, 2) Understanding, 3) Communication & 4) Coaching.

CUCC Method

The Four Pillars

CUCC Method


True Skill Mastery (TSM)

Useful knowledge comes from mastery. Within CUCC, we put great stress on skillfull mastery of essential concepts.

CUCC Method


Listening, beyond the obvious.

84% of all communication is nonverbal. Within CUCC, we train to read all forms of communication, both explicit and implicit.

CUCC Method


Delivering. Sending. Persuading.

How much power of message (POM) gets lost in delivery? With CUCC, we emphasize highly effective communication without reservations.

CUCC Method


Leadership through honesty & humility.

All truth stems from humility. In CUCC humility comes first, pride second. Every. Single. Time.

The Method

Accelerate your learning with different modules in CUCC. Flexible. Thorough. Effective.

CUCC Method

The Benefits

Branded Content

Developed in-house by Humility Enterprises. With a CUCC License you get direct access to our branded content library.

Goal Oriented

Quantify everything with our Goal Metrics System (GMS). Goals were never easier to manage.

Take Perspective

Get altitude with our intuitive top-down project-management structure. You will always keep the overview.


Nobody does communication better than us. Find out why with our flexible CUCC solutions.

Multiple Licenses

Licenses can be valid for over 12 different bussinesses. Never miss out on spreading CUCC across all your enterprises.

Highly Creative

Sound design can contribute over 41% of customer journey satisfaction. We place a high priority on premium designed content.


Effective service delivery is a non-negotiable necessity. We deliver seamless structured content that even a fourth grader can understand.


CUCC service packages & licenses can be purchased starting from 415$ dollars a month. We don’t do discounts, we do great experiences.

Outside The Box

Step outside of the box and get creative with CUCC! With over 4 generations and iterations, innovation is in our DNA.

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